Friday Roundup: The “Jack & Bye” Episode

October 21, 2016

With a bye week from the Irish, Ryan (@ndtex) and Shane (@SupermanTDJesus) shift gears and bring aboard Jack Jorgensen, college football editor at, to take a look at the college football landscape thus far plus getting an outside perspective on Brian Kelly and his future at Notre Dame. Eddie (@NDEddieMac) also joins in with Tex to try and be gentle with their collective pick records with a slate of five games.


HLS Audio Recap (Week 7): Downward Spiral

October 17, 2016

Notre Dame lost. Again. We have some words. Again. They are not pretty and they are full of sadness with a splash of anger and a dash of WTF. Towards the end of it, we come up with what may be perhaps this most frightening theory of the BK era.


Friday Roundup: The “Come for the Roundup, Stay for the Drunk Picks” Episode

October 13, 2016

It was a rather slow week in college football, but after Shane (@SupermanTDJesus) and Ryan (@ndtex) go through the news and talk Stanford and Notre Dame, Eddie (@NDEddiemac) barrels in with picks in a state that rivals the "Kick It Back" recap episode.


HLS Audio Recap (Week 6): Now What

October 10, 2016

There's no sugar coating it: Notre Dame's loss to North Carolina was an absolute disaster and it leaves fans with more questions than answers. Both Ryan (@ndtex) and Shane (@SupermanTDJesus) try to answer the million dollar question of "now what" after looking at a week of surprising upsets around college football.


Friday Roundup: The “Hurricane Week” Episode

October 6, 2016

Sadly, this hurricane isn't of the college football variety (for ND fans, that will come at the end of October). With Matthew threatening landfall, Shane (@SupermanTDJesus), thankfully finds himself safely out of the evacuation zone, but the storm still looms large over the rest of the college football week. Along with Ryan (@ndtex) the duo goes over the latest in CFB news and previews the Notre Dame/North Carolina State matchup with Eddie (@NDEddieMac) swinging in before a Vegas trip to make some picks.

To everyone in the path of the storm, stay safe.

HLS Audio Recap (Week 5): Kick It Back

October 3, 2016

Well, Shane (@SupermanTDJesus) made a promise, so Ryan (@ndtex) joins in on a not sober look at the larger picture of college football and Notre Dame's victory over Syracuse.


Friday Roundup: The “#SportsMath Will Make You Sick” Episode

September 29, 2016

Ryan (Tex) had time to dig into some Notre Dame defensive stats. The end result: Shane (SupermanTDJesus) is now physically ill. It's a stat-heavy preview of Notre Dame and Syracuse following a roundup of news in college football which includes a situation in Alabama which will sound very familiar to Irish fans and a deep-fried helmet.


HLS Audio Recap (Week 4): Just the Right Amount of Salt

September 26, 2016

There's no sugar coating it: week 4 was an absolute disaster for the Irish. Some of the rage has subsided, but Shane (@SupermanTDJesus) and Ryan (@ndtex) take a hard look at the disaster against Duke after a recap of one hell of a busy week in college football.


Friday Roundup: The “Ultimate Duke Preview” Episode

September 23, 2016

Yes, there is the usual news roundup and picks with EddieMac, but the real highlight is the incredible, in-depth, blazing hot take preview that Shane and Tex provide for Notre Dame's matchup against Duke*.

* The preview is, in fact, none of these things.

HLS Audio Recap (Week 3): Jesus, Take the Podcast

September 19, 2016

The HLS Audio Podcast: it's like tweets for your ears. Shane, aka SupermanTDJesus, picked a hell of a time to come on board. There was a lot to talk about around college football in week 3, but more pressing (for us) is Notre Dame's frustrating loss to Michigan State. We rage about the terrible mistakes throughout the game, questionable coaching decisions, and take on the uncomfortable subject of just where Notre Dame fits into today's college football expectation spectrum.