Friday Roundup: The “There Are No Quiet Offseasons” Episode

August 26, 2016

So much for last week's ask of keeping this offseason as low-key as possible. Six Notre Dame arrests means this episode of the Friday Roundup has to steer into depressing territory. But with the bad, comes the good, as college football returns tonight and NDEddieMac returns to partake in some glorious picks and futures predictions.


Friday Roundup: The “Keeping It 100″ Episode

August 19, 2016

Tex is back from his long "winter break" and back in front of the microphone for what is the 100th podcast on this channel. There's some talk about the hiatus, some about what will happen going forward, but a good chunk of Notre Dame talk as well as some t-shirt and ping pong news in the world of college football.


Friday Roundup: The “Winter Break” Episode

January 15, 2016

Alabama has won yet another national title and the 2015 season has officially come to an end. As the offseason begins, Tex takes a look at the title game, gives a few thoughts on ND, and throws out a couple of headlines before heading out to his own winter break.


Friday Roundup: The “End of the Road” Episode

January 8, 2016

Yes, we've come to the end of the road of the Notre Dame season and we will soon bid farewell to the college football season. Before we say our goodbyes, Tex has a postmortem of the Fiesta Bowl and NDEddieMac joins to help recap the bowl season and make their picks for the national title game.


Friday Roundup: The “2016 Fiesta” Episode

January 1, 2016

Welcome the first Notre Dame gameday of 2016! This special episode of the Friday Roundup focuses on the Fiesta Bowl between ND and the Ohio State Buckeyes.


Tex Talk: Bowling with Jack Jorgensen

December 29, 2015

Jack Jorgensen joins Ryan "NDTex" Ritter to talk about the remaining bowl games with a special focus on the New Year's Six games. Everything from Notre Dame's matchup against Ohio State to the playoffs and even to some bowl games that should be on your radar are covered. Get ready for the end of bowl season with this interview.


Friday Roundup: The “Bowl Extravaganza” Episode

December 18, 2015

Next Friday is Christmas, so Tex and Eddie power through all 41 (!!!) bowl games. Yes, even that weird FCS one. If you have entered the ND Fan Radio/Her Loyal Sons confidence pool, this is a must listen--because, obviously you will want to fade them both.


Friday Roundup: The “Taking a Deep Breath” Episode

December 10, 2015

It's nice to be able to kick back and relax without a wire-to-wire day of college football--especially when there is no major Notre Dame implications. This episode covers some of the bigger coaching hire news as well as some talk about the bowl season, playoffs and some preemptive moves conferences are making in regards to them.


Friday Roundup: The “Coaching Centrifuge” Edition

December 4, 2015

Mark Richt has lost control of the coachingĀ carouselĀ and the nationwide shakeup dominated the college football headlines. Plus, Heisman controversy, oil money for bowl games, and a moment of Nix from the third grade.


Minicast: A “Tex Talk” About Notre Dame @ Stanford

December 2, 2015

Tex has a lot of opinions about the Notre Dame season in the wake of the Stanford loss and how people are reacting to it. This may or may not be fueled by alcohol.