Let the Second Half Begin, #BeatSC

October 19, 2017

After taking a bye week himself, Shane returns to his rightful co-hosting spot on the podcast. While this week isn't full of marquee matchups, we still have a few games on up on our radar. However, there is no doubt that all Irish eyes are centered on Notre Dame vs Southern Cal this weekend.

With a hellacious second half about to kick off for the Irish, come out of your bye week hangover with us!

Also, be sure to stick around for a much more sober Eddie with picks, find out who won the first half prize in the pick 'em, and get in on the second half! herloyalsons.com/pickem


The ELITE Bye Week

October 16, 2017

Friend of the podcast, Jack Jorgensen, had an idea about both him and Eddie coming on for the same episode. On the heels of an insane bye week for ND, and Shane still out, this happens and it's just too sweeeeeeeeeet...granted Eddie doesn't join the show from his drunken stupor until a full hour in, but hey, it still happened!

Be Elite. Listen to the whole thing. Be a loyal listener f-f-f-f-for life.

...we apologize in advance.


Don’t Sleep on the Bye

October 13, 2017

Notre Dame is on a bye and there are no huge top-25-on-top-25 matchups, but that doesn't mean there aren't some games that shouldn't be on your radar (plus, we all know crazy never takes a week off in college football). Tex rolls solo again to detail six games that you should pay attention to, plus some follow ups on Gary Andersen walking away from buyout life & the FBI fraud investigation in college basketball. Plus, the first segment of our pick 'em comes to an end this week. Eddie and I take our final stabs before our first half victor is declared.


Hangover Week

October 9, 2017

No Shane in this episode, but Tex picks himself by the bootstraps up after a long wedding weekend to roll solo. Frankly, that's more than some teams can say this week as there were some seismic upsets *cough*OklahomaAndMichigan*cough* this weekend. Mike Valenti gets some redemption in today's cold open, but you should go check out his full soapbox speech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfVmlg4u1KY

Oh, and Notre Dame had another three possession victory on the road. Ho hum.


How’s the Weather in the Carolinas?

October 5, 2017

It only seems fitting that there's a tropical storm brewing in the Gulf that will eventually find its way towards the Carolinas as the Irish prepare for their annual road trip into the Carolinas. Thankfully, this one is both weak and scheduled to arrive well after the Irish depart. Third time's a charm! Anyways, come on in for a preview of week 6 in the world of college football, ND/UNC, picks with Eddie and a reminder to not get married in the fall.


Redhawk Down

October 1, 2017

We are becoming fans of this whole "blow out the opponent by three plus possessions" thing. Lots to talk about in this podcast, not just from the Notre Dame side, but a crazy week of college football that saw a top-five team *cough*SouthernCal*cough* crash and burn and another ranked team finds themselves embrassed at their own homecoming.


Week 5 Preview - The Dumbcast

September 28, 2017

The title will make plenty of sense during the cold open. Tex is a wee bit punchdrunk from a long week of work and little sleep and did it ever show. Thank the good lord for the ability to edit in this medium. Anyways, it's time to preview week 5 which features three top 25 matchups and Notre Dame vs. Miami (OH). As always Eddie joins in for picks of the week and you can come join in on the fun via herloyalsons.com/pickem.


Week 4 Recap and Fun with Audio Rants

September 26, 2017

No cold open this time around, but we make up for it on the backend in this episode as Mr. PUCKER PUCKER PUCKER himself, Mike Valenti was at it again. You can find his (much shorter) newer rant that we had loads of fun with here: https://omny.fm/shows/the-valenti-show/mike-valenti-reacts-to-notre-dame-beating-msu

But that's at the end of the show. Before that bit of audio joy, we have a whole week of college football to recap, including Notre Dame's victory out in East Lansing.


Week 4 Is Moving Day

September 21, 2017

After being treated to an unexpectedly crazy week 3, we take a look at what week 4 has to offer. The cupcakes have given way to conference matchups for most of college football. It's like moving day in golf. We should get a better idea of what many of the top teams in the nation are made of, leading to quite a few games landing on our radar to both preview and pick. Of course, Notre Dame has a large test looming themselves with a true road game in a hostile enviornment under the lights against Michigan State.

Get your football weekend started early with us!


The Boston #RTDB Party

September 17, 2017

515 yards on the ground. That. Happened. A lot of other insanity happened around in this projected "down" week of college football as well. I don't believe we've ever talked about so many games in a single sitting. Buckle up and start your week with us. Loads to talk about around the world of college football, plus discussing just what this Beantown Beatdown means going forward.