HLS Audio Recap (Week 4): Just the Right Amount of Salt

September 26, 2016

There's no sugar coating it: week 4 was an absolute disaster for the Irish. Some of the rage has subsided, but Shane (@SupermanTDJesus) and Ryan (@ndtex) take a hard look at the disaster against Duke after a recap of one hell of a busy week in college football.


Friday Roundup: The “Ultimate Duke Preview” Episode

September 23, 2016

Yes, there is the usual news roundup and picks with EddieMac, but the real highlight is the incredible, in-depth, blazing hot take preview that Shane and Tex provide for Notre Dame's matchup against Duke*.

* The preview is, in fact, none of these things.

HLS Audio Recap (Week 3): Jesus, Take the Podcast

September 19, 2016

The HLS Audio Podcast: it's like tweets for your ears. Shane, aka SupermanTDJesus, picked a hell of a time to come on board. There was a lot to talk about around college football in week 3, but more pressing (for us) is Notre Dame's frustrating loss to Michigan State. We rage about the terrible mistakes throughout the game, questionable coaching decisions, and take on the uncomfortable subject of just where Notre Dame fits into today's college football expectation spectrum.


Friday Roundup: The “No More Talking to Myself” Episode

September 15, 2016

That's right, Shane, aka @SuperManTDJesus, the video maven at HLS, joins the show as a permanent co-host. We have a week full of news around college football, plus a rather big game between Notre Dame and Michigan State to discuss. And, as always, picks with NDEddieMac to help get your mind right for one hell of a weekend of college football.


Tex Talk: Week 2 Recap

September 12, 2016

With the season now underway, it makes a bit more sense to talk about the week that was a bit earlier in the week than the Friday Roundup. So gather 'round for a "Tex Talk" to recap week 2 across the land of college football and a look at Notre Dame's victory against Nevada.


Friday Roundup: The “Hooked” Episode

September 8, 2016

Week one was...not fun if you were a Notre Dame fan. Let's take a look at the week that was a crazy opening for the college football season and dive into the pain that was Notre Dame's loss to Texas in Austin. Picks with EddieMac helps us heal and move forward into week two.


Friday Roundup: The “We Made It!” Episode

September 2, 2016

Yes, we made it. Not only does Her Loyal Sons have a new fresh coat of paint, but football is back! Chris Wilson, aka @rakesofmallow, joins Tex to talk ND/Texas and the opening weekend of college football. Of course, EddieMac makes his weekly appearance to build on his fantastic 1-0 start to the season.


Friday Roundup: The “There Are No Quiet Offseasons” Episode

August 26, 2016

So much for last week's ask of keeping this offseason as low-key as possible. Six Notre Dame arrests means this episode of the Friday Roundup has to steer into depressing territory. But with the bad, comes the good, as college football returns tonight and NDEddieMac returns to partake in some glorious picks and futures predictions.


Friday Roundup: The “Keeping It 100″ Episode

August 19, 2016

Tex is back from his long "winter break" and back in front of the microphone for what is the 100th podcast on this channel. There's some talk about the hiatus, some about what will happen going forward, but a good chunk of Notre Dame talk as well as some t-shirt and ping pong news in the world of college football.


Friday Roundup: The “Winter Break” Episode

January 15, 2016

Alabama has won yet another national title and the 2015 season has officially come to an end. As the offseason begins, Tex takes a look at the title game, gives a few thoughts on ND, and throws out a couple of headlines before heading out to his own winter break.