Friday Roundup: The “Echoes and Coaching” Episode

December 16, 2016

Remember that Notre Dame free episode a couple of weeks ago? Shane and Tex make up for it here with a boat-load of news starting with the Echoes football banquet and the latest in coaching hires and fires for the Irish. Of course, there is other college football news to discuss as well as kicking off our #HAILGAMBLOR bowl pick 'em (which you should join!) as Eddie and Tex make their picks for the first week of bowl season.


Friday Roundup: The “Carousel’s at Full Speed” Episode

December 9, 2016

It's that time of year of again, the first big wave of coaching changes have hit college football after championship week concluded. Shane and Tex recap all the latest moves and take a look at the interesting upward trend of assistant coaching salaries, why no Power Five head coach gone to another Power Five school, and how Alabama is another example of just how hard it is, and how lucky you need to be, in order to find the perfect head coach.


Minicast: Shane and Tex Take Over a Radio Show

December 6, 2016

You may remember on the last Friday Roundup, Shane and Tex teased that they would be on a local Dallas/Ft. Worth station this past Saturday. The audio of the show has been delivered and the college football half of the show has been uploaded for your listening pleasure. Hear the duo talk CFB playoffs and rankings as well as Jack Swarbrick's comments on his podcast regarding the program and Brian Kelly--all without cursing!

The show will be rebroadcast in its entirety on 620AM KEXB in the DFW area, on their live stream, or the TuneIn Radio app at 12pm CT/1pm ET.


HLS Audio Recap (Week 14): Championships, Playoffs, and Donations

December 6, 2016

In the world of college football, the focus was on conference championships and playoffs. For Notre Dame, the focus was on Jack Swarbrick's latest comments made on his weekly podcast show and the reactions to them in the form of various GoFundMe campaigns. Shane and Tex dive into both on the last recap episode of the 2016 regular season.


Friday Roundup: The “Notre Dame-Free Episode”

December 2, 2016

Yes, we always have a major focus in our shows on ND Football, but let's be honest with each other. After this season, we need a break from talking about it and you need a break from listening to it. Shane and I take this so seriously that we try our damnedest not to even mention Notre Dame by name the entire episode. Even without ND, there is lots to talk about and games to pick. As a special treat, we also have a dramatic reading of a Twitter blog fight because college football continues to forever be a place of wonderful dumb things to enjoy.


HLS Audio Recap (Week 13): Thank God It’s Over

November 29, 2016

At least, as far as Notre Dame is concerned, it's over. There is still more college football to talk about (and enjoy!) this season, but there is also much to dive into in regards to Notre Dame and just where they go from here.


Vacate This

November 22, 2016

This was supposed to be a simple Recap/Roundup episode, but then the NCAA and their bullshit happened. Yes, we do recap week 12 in the world of college football and ND's loss to Virginia Tech, but if the rant is what you are here for, 37:35 is your timestamp.


Friday Roundup: The “We Don’t Know” Episode

November 18, 2016

After a round of college football playoff rankings that make no sense combined with a Notre Dame game that will feature two Jekel and Hyde teams, "we don't know" is the only real accurate way to discribe things. Lord knows that we try in this episode because, otherwise, this would be the shortest podcast of all time. Continuing with the "We don't know" theme...picks with Eddie is coming to a close soon, but not before we talk about Eddie's encounter with one #BabyTex.


HLS Audio Recap (Week 11): Havin’ Fun

November 14, 2016

When the Irish win and Michigan loses, it's always a good weekend, no matter how bad ND may be. There were loads of upsets this week. This proves that, once again, if you think college football will have a dull week, college football will ask you to hold its beer and to "watch this!"


Friday Roundup: The “Shamrockin’ It” Episode

November 11, 2016

Ryan (@ndtex) and Shane (@SupermanTDJesus) decide to kick back and have some fun during this episode. After some discussion on crazy ballots cast in the College Football Playoff this Tuesday, the duo goes into the Roundup to seek out some stories that have a solid dose of levity. That continues to the ND preview in which the preview of the actual game is largely tossed to the side for discussion of the Shamrock Sieres. As always, picks with Eddie close out the show.